Yarn, Roving, & Felting Batts

Wool has a quality that is completely indescribable. It is so easy to love, and it is so easy to change into something else. It is a maker’s dream.

Some of the wool is processed here on farm. We produce over 100lbs a year, so we can’t process it all, but. That is when why we have our wool processed locally. By keeping it local we are helping support other small businesses in the area that love fibre and farming.

Our 2015 Autumn clip has gone into the mills and is expected back by mid January 2016. Why does it take so long? There are very few fibre mills in Ontario, and those that exist are always busy. The wait list can be over 6 months at some. Upper Canada Fibreshed is an initiative to help revive local fibres, and all that is needed to have local fibre thrive.



This wool is 100% pure lambswool yarn from our Finn/Gotland/BFL/Shetland lambs. It is lovely and soft, and a beautiful soft cream. Each skein is 140 metres and weighs 100g. It is processed locally.









img_20170210_162405This yarn is a from sheep. This wool was milled into batts at Rampart Farm and Woolen Mill, located in Branchton, Ontario. Handspun by me. It was spun on my Babe’s Wheel in a smoke-free home.





Perfect for felting. Batts can be a huge time-saver for felters. If you are working on a larger, more structural project, batts are perfect to create your layers becasue they just need to be unrolled. No need to take repeatedly place small amounts of wool onto to create your felt. Perfect for laying bases, background, and around resists. This wool can be used for spinning too!


Batts of wool all ready to go.

This wool is from our own felters flock of sheep. As a felter I am constantly trying to improve our wool for felting. Our sheep are raised using organic methods with animal welfare at the top of the list.



Local Wool Prefelts:

Coloured pre-felts used in felting. Hard edges and detailed shapes can be created using pre-felts.

These prefelts are perfect for feltmaking. Needle felted fabric, ready to be cut into detailed shapes and then felted onto your main project. Shown in project in image above.