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Working in harmony with nature means considering nature at every step of the way. Here at All Sorts Acres we think about the impact we make in everything we do. We try our best to minimize our impact on the environment. This means using as much human power as possible.

To minimize energy usage, we wash and pick our wool using elbow grease. When dying our wool, we utilize the heat from our woodstove that heats our home. After the winter holidays, there aren’t many days where a dyepot isn’t simmering away on the cooktop of a stove.

Wool is then carded on a home-scale carding machine to align the fibres, creting a wool batt. We used to hand card, but now we just have too much wool!

For us, wool batts are the most versitile way to store wool. They can be used for wet felting, needle felting, spinning, weaving, rug hooking, and so many other things.



Perfect for felting. Batts can be a huge time-saver for felters. If you are working on a larger, more structural project, batts are perfect to create your layers becasue they just need to be unrolled. No need to take repeatedly place small amounts of wool onto to create your felt. Perfect for laying bases, background, and around resists. This wool can be used for spinning too!

This wool is from our own felters flock of sheep. As a felter I am constantly trying to improve our wool for felting. Our sheep are raised using organic methods with animal welfare at the top of the list.

Local Wool Prefelts:


These prefelts are perfect for feltmaking. Needle felted fabric, ready to be cut into detailed shapes and then felted onto your main project.




Our farm yarns dyed using excess heat from our woodstove, the only source of heating, using natural dyes. Some dyes are harvested on farm, some are local, all are naturally sourced. Plants, bugs, and minerals are what makes the vibrant and varied colours. No two skiens are the same, each is an artwork unto itself.

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