Raw Fleece

This years window for buying raw fleece is now over. The 2015 clip has all gone into the mill now, for yarn. If you are interested in buying raw fleece next year, please contact us.

To put a deposit on a fleece, please go here:

We love our wool! As a felter, spinner, and crochet addict, Jennifer is very conscious of what kind of wool is grown here at the farm. Each wool is very different, and not all wool can be used for all things.

Our shearer is out here at least twice a year. Each spring we will have all the ewes shorn, if they weren’t already done before lambing. We don’t like the shear if it is too cold for the pregnant ewes. The ewe clip is used for all of our felting wool and spinning wool.

In the Autumn we have all the lambs shorn before going off to freezer camp. Having been on pasture, and being so young, their wool is gorgeous, and incredibly clean. Most of this wool is sold as raw fleece, or made into yarn, and some roving. The small amount of lanolin in the lambs wool makes it perfect for use as locks or for raw fleece felting.

Each year we offer our raw fleeces up to those who want to process their own fleece. The 2015 clip was truly amazing. We had some fleeces that were stunning, so wonderful that they were bought by some Peggy Sue Collection a fashion designer that specializes in locally sourced clothing.