Pastured Duck

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Farm Gate Sales
If you are in the area, we do farm gate sales. We have duck available right now.

  • Whole Duck – 5-9lbs avg. – $6/lb  – BUY HERE


We can’t say enough nice things about ducks. To us, they are some of the most amazing birds around. We really like them. We raise Muscovy, Pekin, and a few Rouen ducks here at the farm

Ducks are a very sustainable meat, perhaps the best around. Along with the GM-free feed we feed them, they also eat a lot of grass. They are great to have around as they eat all kinds of flies, slugs, bugs, and other insects, that, in a barn can become overwhelming – our ducks have a job right from the get go. We love to watch their antics as they waddle around the farm in a loose group making all kinds of noise – they are always entertaining!

Pekin Ducks are the traditional duck used in most restaurants today. They produce a delicious meat that is like none other. Chances are if you have eaten duck out, it was a Pekin. The meat is very versitile, and the taste depends on how you cook it. Ready to roast ducks can weight between 5-10lbs.

Muscovy Ducks are an American duck. They originated on this side of the ocean. Male Musvocies are much larger than the females. Their meat has often been described as “gamier” than a Pekin. Ready to roast ducks can weight between 5 (female)-10 (male)lbs.

Rouen Ducks are the traditional duck used in French cooking. They look just like the wild Mallard ducks, but are much heavier. As tastes change they have fallen out of favour becasue their feathers are dark, whic is considered unappealing to consumers. Despite this we raise a few as they are the perfect size for a small family. They average duck is between 4-5.5lbs.

Duck fat is being re-discovered by many chefs. It has many health benefits, and is incredible tasty. We use it much like bacon dripping!