Want to milk sheep?
Sheep milk is drunk across the globe. While popular throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East, it’s still an emerging product here. Sheep dairy is growing, and, like other farming activities, beginning to become more local – and the beginning of local micro-daires. Micro dairies can be a good fit for those that want their own milk, a product to sell, without having to start big right away. Sheep dairy is a flexible, enjoyable, and multi-streamed enterprise with many different possibilities. Sheep dairy is something you can grow into… or not. How do we know? We grew into it ourselves.

Starting on just over an acre, we wanted to farm, but was unsure of what we wanted to farm. When sheep came into our lives, we knew we had found the perfect fit. Going from an acre to a working sheep dairy that makes it’s own products, has been an adventure, but not easy. We’ve have many false starts, and wrong turns. Despite all of our challenges, we’re here – owning a working farm that supports at least one farmer’s wages as well as the farm bills.

Why do we want to tell you all this?
Mainly to prevent you from making the same mistakes we made. And yes, we made mistakes, some that cost a LOT of money. We had to navigate the maze of farm business, rules, regulations, and bookkeeping. Inform ourselves with soil knowledge, building codes, food safety, and standards. It has been a lot to learn.

So, if you think you may want to explore the world of milking sheep, we can introduce you to it.

3 hour Farm Tour
If you are considering taking the farming or homesteading leap, then this is for you!

This is a full farm tour from bank barn to business. Bring a notebook full of questions, and we will walk the farm. The how, what, when, and why, will be answered on each part of the farm. Yes, we will also talk about income, cash-flow, and wages – honestly. The good, bad, ugly, and gross.

A full farm tour runs for up to 4 hours (the average being 3 hours). Filming isn’t permitted please, but notebooks and still photos are welcome.

$226.00 including HST


Individual Farm Consulting
From farm selection to navigating marketing, we can help. For those that are already committed, and know what they want to do, are looking for some practical experience, or have a second pair of eyes validate an existing strategy or brainstorm alternate markets.

$75/hour – min 3 hours.

Speaking Engagements
$75/hour plus hotel/travel accommodations