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Farming Methods

Lamb is one of the most delicious, and easiest meats to prepare. Our lamb is pastured – out on grass all season when they want to be. Lambs get to socialize with each other and their larger flock.

Our lambs grow a little slower meaning our lambs are a little older and weaned by their Mums when they go in for harvest. This lowers the stress on everyone from being separated from the flock as they are mature enough to be on their own. They grow, and develop throughout the spring, summer, and even into autumn, eating many different species of grasses, legumes, and trees. All these different plants help to flavour their meat, and keep them healthy. When the grass is growing the flock gets moved regularly to new pasture, always grazing the freshest, most nutrient dense plants.

Being a diversified sheep farm that breeds for milk, wool, and meat, the breeds we have are known for doing well on grass. These “primitive” breeds are known for their hardiness, mothering ability, wool quality, and the flavour of their meat. We seek a multi-purpose, balance flock that does best for the weather and soil conditions that Ontario has. We feel it is the essence of the breeds we have chosen that makes our lamb taste so good. Because our sheep are raised for meat, wool, and milk, they aren’t pushed to grow too fast and gain weight before they are supposed to.

On harvest day we bring a group of lambs in first thing in the morning. This means our lambs are taken in first, preventing the stress of waiting. Later in the day we return to pick up the pelts. The pelts are then brought home and prepared to go to the tannery.

Our goal is to raise happy healthy sheep!

Buying Lamb

How Much Meat Do I Need?
Often we are asked how big a piece of lamb do I need for a meal? A good rule of thumb is that for a boneless cut, allow a 1/2lb or 225g a person, for a bone-in cut, 3/4lb or 340g a person.

Below is a general guide from MacBeth’s Butcher in Scotland.

Boneless Meat Number of People Bone in meat
1lb / 0.45kg 2 – 3
2lb / 0.91kg 4 – 5 3lb / 1.36kg
3lb / 1.36kg 6 – 7 4lb / 1.82kg
4lb / 1.82kg 8 – 9 6lb / 2.73kg
5lb / 2.27kg 10 – 11 7lb / 3.18kg
6lb / 2.73kg 12 – 13 8lb / 3.64kg
7lb / 3.18kg 14 – 15 10lb / 4.54kg
8lb / 3.64kg 16 – 17 12lb / 5.44kg
9lb / 4.08kg 18 – 19 14lb / 6.35kg
10lb / 4.54kg 20 – 21 16lb / 7.25kg
11lb / 4.98kg 22 – 23 18lb / 8.16kg
12lb / 5.44kg 24 + 20lb / 9.07kg



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