Eco-Sheep Mowing

Before lawnmowers and hedge trimmers were invented in the 19th century these tasks were performed by livestock.

Sheep is how many large areas of grass were maintained, providing a way to keep the grass short and always at it’s peak nutrition, providing wool for clothing, meat for eating, and milk for drinking and making cheese.

In this era of trying to find ways to find natural and more environmentally friendly ways of doing things sheep and goats are finding their way back into the landscape across the globe.

Yes, we do sheep lawn mowing but as they sheep are live, sentient beings, they also have needs of their own. After some test runs of bringing our sheep to back yards, we discovered that our sheep are best used in conservation grazing applications.



Where our sheep really excel in in meadow rehabilitation. The breeds of sheep we have really enjoy both grasses, weeds, and many woody perennial species and choose their food in a similar fashion to goats.

As this is such a new area of innovation we invite people to contact us with their ideas. There are many things to consider when sheep begin grazing, animal welfare and nutrition being at the top of the list.