Just needed to put our incredibly adorable lambs on here. This year we tried something a little different – lambing in winter. We have learned a lot and it has been an interesting experience, but I am not sure we will do it again quite so early. Having said that, look at this fuzzy cuteness!


The first group of mums and babies are all hanging out together. THis group are all within 2 weeks of each other. Talk about play dates. All the lambs love to run and jump across the area. As the remaining few ewes from our finnsheep group lamb, the nursery will get bigger and be moved. In the next month, this pen will be used to house the rams until lambing is done.

It is really interesting to see what kinds of lambs the breeding Homer, our finnsheep/gotland ram and our purebred finnsheep produced. All the lambs are cute, but there are 3-4 stunning lambs so far. One is a set of twins – the ewelamb has a tigh, curly even fleece just like a finn, and her brother has an even open gotland fleece just like his dad.  Lamb sizes are varied, but all are gaining weight well.

Trying to tell them apart is a bit of a challenge though – they all look so similar!

On another note, we did loose Lily. The second time she came in she just didn’t do well. It is always sad to loose a lamb.

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